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Connect objects face to face center to face, use SHIFT to change lining point to different than face center, and rotate freely the object around its own axis

With Ctrl (MAC Alt) flip the object by clicking on FLIP

Line Up

Line Up

Line Up selected objects, face to face and center of objects. especially useful for lining different pipes together

Freehand 1


What you draw in freehand is what you get Soft to rugged lines


Tag Hide

Hide the Tag in current scene. Hover over an object and see the Tag, click to hide Tag You what to hide Tag In a scen


Tag Edit

When you edit group or component , it's tag is set as an active tag. Hover over the object and get the object's tag.


Info 1

See Tags fore 3D object Move Select tool over 3D object and see the Tag for the object

Info 2

Info 2

See number and name of components in the model Move Select tool over component and get number and name in the model



The plugin keeps track of when subscription licenses need to be renewed Set reminders important dates such as license renewal or other important dates. Get reminders in good time. Dates and how far in advance reminders should be displayed that can be set in settings.



The extension closes SketchUp after the time period you have set that it is ok to be inactive in SketchUp and backs up the SketchUp file. It's good if you forget your computer in the office and have not saved Sketchup. You do not lose the work that has been done. If a team have a Sketchup network license. And everyone has the extension and have for example, 3 hours set in the extension. The extension shut down inactive Sketchup users and release licenses. Set the time frame from 1 minute to 24 hours before turning off SketchUp. If you do not continue working in Sketchup, the plugin will automatically save a new file, back up the SketchUp file and place it on the desktop named timer.


Orb 1

Game Extension, a clickable ball that jumps, bounces, and rolls on surfaces, game plans (groups. Create a game board and play.



Closes open group or component and change existing tool to the Select tool.

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